Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Last President of A Free Democracy

It seems as though the whole world is rejoicing to the news that the “Anointed One” has won the election. In reality it is one of the darkest day's America has ever witnessed. A veil has been thrown over the head of the great Lady of Liberty as her enemies have finally found a way to bring her to her knees. All that remains of the this once ”Great Beacon” of democracy are those ”Bitter Clingers” who are forced to accept their defeat.

Men and women from around the world will stand in awe as the “Anointed One'' stands at the cusp of attaining the most powerful position the world has to offer. With a belief that he will right the wrongs of the past and level the playing field for all, the masses rejoice at the idea of his rule. With a promise of prosperity and equality reminiscent of what Karl Marx wrote of, he has beguiled the masses with his empty promises.

But what of those ”Bitter Clingers” who stand in fear of what his ascension to power really means? When their leaders are declared enemies of the state and the laws are changed to stifle their dissent? What will they do when the country they loved resembles the tin horn dictatorships of South America? What will become of them, after their enemy has destroyed their way of life? Will they ever be able to mobilize as a force to take back their country? And what of their God, whom the friends of the “Anointed One” will inevitably declare illegal on grounds of tolerance?

Well, they can see the handwriting on the wall, and they do not need Daniel to interpret for them what the handwriting says. The “Anointed One” and his legion of godless councilors will claim that their God has been weighed in the balances, and found wanting. They will thus rule that their God and his laws are unconstitutional and unfit for today's society. The God whom their forefathers gave credit to for founding this once great democracy. The God whom they trust with their souls and pray to for salvation. Their God and their religion, will be reduced to a status similar to that which it received under the Roman Empire.

They also know it will be just a matter of time before those in power reverse centuries of achievements that have allowed this country to prosper and shine. Achievements that have enabled the very ones who have gained power to be where they are. Now these new rulers will make laws restricting the freedoms of these “Bitter Clingers”. Freedoms that have allowed them to rightfully cling to their Bibles, and their guns. Yes these “Bitter Clingers” believe in the Constitution that gave them their right to cling to their faith and their defense. A Constitution that will be shredded the day the “Anointed One” takes his place in history as the last President of this Free Democracy.

I say “Last President” of this free democracy, because in a free democracy you do not stifle the votes of some while allowing illegal votes of others. Something that will happen time and time again as long as the “Anointed Ones” cohorts are allowed to rule as they will be. When and “IF” the “Anointed One” leaves office, this country will never ever be the same again.

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