Sunday, November 22, 2009

The First Thanksgiving, A Lesson For Obama

When a ship called the Mayflower set sail for the Americas on August 1, 1620, no one would have thought that a historical lesson in politics would be learned by those who gave up everything for a chance at a new life in a new world. 102 passengers set sail with William Bradford that day and once they were on the high seas they all signed an agreement. This agreement, or contract if you may, established what was to be a just and equal law for all members of the new community, irrespective of their religious beliefs. What the settlers signed was a contract we now recognize as the Mayflower Compact. It was a mutual agreement that was entered into by the settlers and their merchant-sponsors back in London England.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Which Jesus Do You Follow and Serve?

Christians need to realize that being a true Christian does not mean you are to be proud and boastful. It does not mean that you will be blessed with money and riches as the prosperity pimps like T.D. Jakes, Kenneth Hagin, Joyce Meyer, Paul Crouch and others preach.

No, true Christianity is a call to be imitators of Christ, not seekers of worldly goods. After all, what did Christ do? Did he go around town riding in style? No. Did he have tons of money? No. What did He do? He gave his own life to Save ours. Yet so many Christians walk around not helping others, not acknowledging others hardships or pain. All they do is show off their possessions and status in society while telling you, "I'll pray for you". The teachings of Christ call us to a life of action, not self-interest and Christian passivity.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No Evolution in 58 Million Years

by Chuck Ness

Well it seems like those who continue to cling to the few remaining threads of hope that Darwin was right, have another problem with Darwin's theory of evolution. From the evidence accumulated by the University of Florida there seems to be the exact same families of plants around today as there was 58 million years ago. That is the what the evidence points to from a press release from the university that stated, “Plant fossils give first real picture of earliest Neotropical rain forests,”

With the evidence uncovered from the Columbian Forests we can now say for certain that the Young Earth Creationists, like myself are not grabbing at straws of faith. It is getting pretty scary for the evolutionist minded scientists who are at the mercy of such groups like the Institute for Creation Research who are celebrating this find as confirming not just a the young earth model but also the global flood mentioned in Genesis.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Democrats Hired GangBangers to GOTV for Corzine

by Chuck Ness

 If you are the Democrat party of New Jersey and it looks like you may lose the Governor’s office to a 500 pound fat guy (Jon Corzine’s words, not mine), what do you do? After all, even the “Great One”, Obama himself, could not seem to turn the tide that was ready to hit them from the Republican Party and it’s candidate, Christie. Well, I have documented story after story about the intimidation tactics used by the left in this country, but what the Democrats did in this election has even left some liberals scratching their heads.

Imagine you are an off duty New Jersey police officer relaxing at home, when you look out your window and see several known criminals. Then you look a bit closer and you realize that one of them is a man you arrested several weeks ago and the other man has just been released from prison. Oh yea, the man just released from prison was there for murdering a fellow police officer. Now as if that is not worrisome enough for you, you then find out that the men have been employed by the the Democratic Party for get out the vote (GOTV) operations.
Check out this interview with another Morris Township resident who also witnessed the gangbangers going door to door, but is afraid to be identified. Can you really blame him for being afraid, the cemeteries across America are filled with dead innocent citizens who crossed these kinds of thugs and paid with their lives.
That is what happened this past Sunday in the Township of Morris New Jersey, and the gangsters even had a list of voters names, addresses, and their phone numbers. The officer states that he heard the men discussing that he was a police officer and that they now know where he lived. When confronted by the off duty officer, the men took off, so he then contacted the local police who caught up with them and about a dozen other men a few blocks away. All the men questioned by the police were well known criminals, and when asked what they were doing in the neighborhood, their answer was, 
We were contacted by the Democrat Party to help them get out the vote for Jon Corzine.”
Now, in case you think that this is a bad idea that will not happen again and has never happened before, this is not the first time it has not happened. Back in 2006 the Democratic State Committee lost $5,000 to $6,000 from a check fraud scheme. At the time, the state Democrat party Chairman, “Joseph Cryan”, said that the checks were copied from payments sent out to people hired as part time GOTV activists for the 2006 elections. Now for the kicker, members of the “Bloods” street gang took paychecks they were given to them for GOTV work they did and using laptop computers and digital cameras to create fake checks. After a three year investigation dubbed, “Operation Bloodbank”, 33 members of the Blood gang were arrested for faking nearly 200 payroll checks totaling over $654,000 over a two year period.

So what’s the moral of the story? Well in today’s America you must remember that when it comes to the Democrat party that, gangsters, thugs, and terrorists are just misunderstood people who are just trying to live in a cruel world controlled by a bunch of right wing capitalist pigs. The real danger to America is those evil right wingers like the ones at Chico’s Tea Party Rally this past summer.  The picture below is the people who are dangerous to America, not the thugs the DNC uses to get out the vote.  After all these people are just trying to stop the “Chosen One” from implementing the change that will save this country from the evil capitalists who have ruined America.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lifted, Like A Snake In The Desert

Have you ever given it much though about the phrase, “Lift Christ up with Praise”? Quite often you will here a pastor use this phrase as he instructs you to give glory to God though His Son. But have you ever really consider what the phrase means to you and and the significance of it? Give me a moment of your time and allow me to introduce you to something very few Christians have actually ever considered when hearing this phrase, “Lift Christ up with Praise”.