Friday, September 11, 2009

Murder Of A Pro-Life Activist Over An Abortion Sign

In this September 2000 photo, James Pouillon holds one
of the posters he uses to protest abortion in Owosso.

"I'm trying to do for the babies what the Lord did for me," said Jim Pouillon, of Owosso in 2000. "My Bible said we are supposed to be like Jesus." Pouillon was gunned down Friday while protesting abortion in front of Owosso High School. On Sept 11, 2009, his murderer drove off leaving James laying on the grass near his portable oxygen tank and a large poster of a baby with the word "Life."

Time and time again, we are confronted by the harsh reality that one person’s opinion can sometimes cause another person to go to the extreme in making their argument. In the past we have been barraged with the stories of abortion clinic doctors being shot by a Pro-Life supporter. The MSM will go to extreme lengths to equate all pro-life protesters as extremists who need to be stopped. There are even laws in place that have gone so far as to violate the first amendment rights of those who protest by picketing against abortion clinics.

So when I read this story about 63 year old James Pouillon being shot and killed for his pro life views I was wondering why I did not hear anything about it until now. After all it happened at 7:20 a.m. In Owosso Michigan, so the MSM should have had plenty of time to get the story out and begin their attack on all the pro-abortion extremists we need to be aware of. Like other aspects of the American version of Pravda, I will not hold my breath.

This man cared very deeply about the babies and tried to influence the high school students who frequently end up in abortion clinics. Many of us have seen these young children themselves walking into the death clinics. Many time you see them walking into these clinics still wearing their high school athletic shirts. Jim could have been doing lots of other things with his life, but his goal was to save the unborn babies and to help women avoid decisions that would forever plague their lives. He even had to carry an oxygen tank with him to help his lungs breathe. He was a threat to no one except for those who cannot handle the truth. May the Lord reward him for the work he did to change this nation back to a culture of life.

Over the years, he was seen carrying signs depicting aborted babies and slogans including "Jesus loves unborn babies" and "abortion is murder." Mike McCloskey of Owosso Township said Pouillon loved to interact with people and felt strongly about what he was doing. "He had a heart as big as his body," said McCloskey. Those who saw James around town said sometimes pro-choice supporters would spit on him or throw fruit at him. Then on Sept. 11, 2009 at 7:20 a.m., Harlan Drake shot James from his white truck with a .45 while he was busy protesting alone in his one-man crusade against abortion across the street from the high school. Harlan then drove off leaving James laying on the grass near his portable oxygen tank and a large poster of a baby with the word "Life."

Why did he shoot him? Well because Drake didn't think children going to school should have to look at the posters of dead babies while they were at school. The fact that the abortion clinic is across the street from the school never seemed to bother Harlan, just an old man protesting the murder of innocent babies bothered him. Some say this was not about abortion because Harlan then drove out to an Owosso Township gravel pit and shot and killed owner Michael Fuoss, and he was planning on shooting a real estate agent.

OK, I'll give you the fact that the murder of the Gravel Pit owner, Michael Fuossand, and the planned murder of a local real estate agent was and would have been a grudge, but he murdered James Pouillon just because he protested against the murder of innocent babies. Only a cold blooded abortion supporter would murder an innocent old man protesting abortion just because he was against abortion.

You can read all you need to know about Harlan James Drake and his crime of murder along with his ultimate punishment after he was convicted and sentence to life at,

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