Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Witches Abuse Trees While Casting A Spell To Keep Trump From Harming Trees, Rocks, People, etc. etc.

What you see in this video is a group of witches, or better put a bunch of lost souls who follow Wicca. Well, these poor souls decided they needed to stop President Donald Trump from doing any harm to people, animals, trees, rocks, and the planet in general. So they decided to cast a spell on him.
What is amazing is they do so as they stand around a bonfire that is burning trees with rocks as a barrier. So, they are abusing the very things they want to stop the President from abusing. These people are so confused, and their hypocrisy is as foolish as their faith.

For those who know someone caught up in this religion, I offer this from Matt Slick at CARM.

If you're a Wiccan, please read this
by Matt Slick
If you are a Wiccan, thank you for reading this article. We at CARM want you to understand that we do not hold animosity towards you.  We are not afraid of Wicca, of the spells or the incantations, have not been wronged by any Wiccans, and we do not believe that you purposefully worship Satan. We understand that you seek to develop a personal and valid path with "The All" as you perceive it and that you seek to use the energies and balance of nature to achieve harmony, purpose, and influence.
Though we recognize that there may be some who claim to be Christians who are very bigoted, harsh, unloving, and even violent (in the past), we want you to know that this is not the teaching of Christ. Just because some people say they are Christians and then behave badly, it does not mean they are true believers in Christianity. Nevertheless, it is out of concern for your spiritual destiny that we write about Wicca.  Our desire is to help you.
Christians derive their spiritual authority and doctrine from the Word of God.1 According to the Bible, there are demonic forces as well as angelic ones. The reason the Bible forbids witchcraft is because the power that comes through the incantations and spells are derived from demonic forces, not from God. These forces are manifested through people who contradict God's teaching and open themselves up to their dark and deceptive influence. Now, before you dismiss this outright, please bear with us a little bit longer.
How do you know that what you are contacting is good or bad? What standard do you have by which you can judge whether or not the results you are getting are from the God and Goddess or are instead from some demonic forces that impersonate various deities in order to deceive you?
If you answer that it is because good things come as a result of your efforts, so what?  The demonic forces are not dumb and can easily get people to believe that what they are doing is good all the while deceiving them into continuing with their occult practices.
If you dismiss this line of questioning, that is your privilege. But, the questions are valid questions that ought to be answered. We are all open to being tricked and none of us wants to be made a fool. Since eternity is a long time to be wrong, it is all the more important that we try and establish some way of verifying what is occurring in the spiritual realm and that what you contact is not a harmful force masquerading as something good.
At this point, we appeal to Jesus. (to continue reading this article, please follow this link---- If you're a Wiccan, please read this ---- )

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