Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Dream That Moved Me To Say Enough Is Enough, The Status Quo Must End, NOW!

By February 1854, the anti-slavery Whigs had begun meeting in upper Midwestern states to discuss the formation of a new party. One meeting, in Wisconsin on March 20, 1854, is generally remembered as the founding meeting of the Republican Party. The Republican party began as a response to the immoral outrage against slavery.

Today we face a different form of slavery, yet one as dangerous as the one faced in 1854, maybe even more dangerous. All Americans will one day be slaves to a government that controls every aspect of out lives. How? Via a one payer healthcare system. We were betrayed by Chief Justice John Roberts, and I believe we will see him again betray us again one day. We are also witnessing the party began to stop slavery, willingly colluding with the original slave party, the Democrat party, to enslave us all.

We either change it now, or accept the fate we all face. It took four years to get a Republican President after the party was created in 1854, today we already own the White House. What better time to create a new anti-slavery party than now? We can do it if every true America like us are serious. Use the tools of the left. Social media, and deluge talk radio with our desires. It is time to cry out so loud that we drown out the left. Time to over run the left. time to take back our party, by removing each and every Republican in the primary that does not speak out. This all came about in my head after a dream I had.

This may not make sense, but I truly believe I am not the only one who is being prodded by an inner self to put an end to the madness. The dream I had is convoluted, but my reaction to it when I a awoke is what matters.

I found myself in a room where my IQ was being tested. The questions were vague, and my answers were even more so. It seemed like I finished the 25 question test in record time, so I used the allotted time remaining to skim over my answers to be sure I was comfortable with them. I handed to test to the petite blond at the desk, and was told to wait in another room while she scored it.

In the waiting room there was a television so I started channel surfing, but soon realized that every channel was either about the weather or fashion design. Since the weather was almost as boring as the fashion channels, I decided to turn the television off. I then noticed the magazines on the small round table in the middle of the room. I looked through them and settled for one on sports. As I flipped through the pages I came across an article about a football player who lost a race to a lame horse.

It was an interesting account of a young running back who thought he could beat a lame horse, but lost. As stupid as I thought the article was, I stuck with it just to kill time. That is until the football player started blaming the horses black trainer for a being racist towards Asian football players. I remember thinking, "Why does everyone make stupid accuses for their own failures in life?" That's when I tossed the magazine back on the table, and looked through the others to find something to read.

All the other magazines were just as stupid, so instead I stood up and walked over to a window. Looking down to the street below I noticed that all the people were wearing the same color rain coats. I looked up at the sky and it was completely sunny with no clouds in sight. Wow, people are strange these days I was thinking. I was beginning to get a weird feeling inside me, as I wondered why I agreed to take this stupid test. All of a sudden the door opened and a short fat guy with a green suit came in to tell me he would share the results of the test with me.

We sat down at this conference table I didn't even notice a few moments ago. He picked up the binder and looked at it real close and he took his time getting to my score. Flipping through it from page to page as if he was looking of someones number in a phone book. All the while he mumbled under his breath about things only God could know. Eventually he stopped flipping the pages and laid the binder down ever so slowly on the table. He then turned the binder so it was upside down to him, and slid it across the long table in front of me so I could look at it.

As I stared at the page, I noticed that it looked like a calculus equation had to do when I was in College. I looked across the table and asked him, "What the hell is this?" He folded his hands on the table and in a squeaky voice that could only come from a pointed head intellectual, he said that it was my score. He then pointed to the page and told me that of I looked at the bottom line of the equation, I would notice that I wrote the equation wrong and thus I only got a score of 97.

I looked back and said, "And?" To which he replied that I needed a score of 98 to be accepted in their club. Since my IQ score was off my one point I was not getting in their club. I told him that was stupid. He looked at me with a smug look and said sorry, that's the rules sir. Fine I said, I don't want to be in your stupid club anyway. I slid the binder back across the table at him and got up to leave. As I walked out the door I was thinking, who the hell names a club Mensa anyway? What a bunch of moronic losers.

I left the building, and as I walked to my car I was thinking about the reasons I wanted in their club. I could not come up with any, so why did I waste my time I wondered. Well I got in my car, turned on the radio, and started to drive home. I got maybe a block away when I began to get irritated by all the people wearing yellow rain coats on a sunny day who were in my way.

I finally had enough and rolled down my window to yell at them to get out of the road. Next thing I know a wet towel flew into the car and got stuck on my steering wheel. The stupid was real wet and began flapping in the wind while hitting me in the face. I started pushing the towel away from my face so I could see the road, and then I woke up to learn that one of my dogs, Jasmine, was up on the couch licking my face. I then realized I fell asleep watching some stupid movie on TV.

This is not the first strange dream I have had in the last few weeks, and I doubt it will be the last. However, I have come to the conclusion that I have reached a critical stage in my life in how I deal with stupid people who think they are smarter than I am. People who believe they know what is best for me. People who have the power, but know not how to use it. People who, in truth, are more afraid of me than I ever was of them. People who need to be replaced, because they are just obstructing our chance at real change.

I can not be the only one who's dreams have consistently been loaded with people that need to be eliminated from this planet. Seems like all my dreams lately are about stupid things with stupid people in them. I don't mean eliminated in a life vs death description, but eliminated from having the power they currently enjoy. As much as I would like to say I am speaking of Democrats, I am in actuality speaking of Republicans, and you all know who needs to be eliminated from power in our party.

So, as I contemplated the meaning of this stupid dream, I have come to the conclusion that God is telling me it is time to stop the madness. How do we do that? Well, I think that we as conservatives need to start fighting fire with fire. It is time for all of us true conservatives to stop complaining and start conspiring together on how to take down the evil powers that be.

It is obvious that the Republican establishment is part of the conspiracy to destroy that which we need done to fix this country. So the only recourse we have left is to start a new party. Yes, it is beyond time. With Trump as President, we have what we need to take the fight to the bastards. If we do not take advantage of the anger by Americans over what is taking place in DC now, we will never be able to again. It is now or never. It cannot happen if we do not have a willing President to help.

We need Trump to see the writing on the wall, and we need to begin the movement now. We have the numbers, and we can make it happen if we are united. Many details need to be worked out, but it is either now or never. If not, then many of us will soon be going to our graves knowing our children and grandchildren will be slaves to the establishment.

Let them who have ears hear, and those with a sense of patriotism understand that the time has come to change the status quo. Tomorrow will be, not may be, but will be too late.

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