Saturday, May 9, 2009

Scratching Those Itchy Ears

Whenever I would grab a book to read and sit on the couch, and I could always count on my dog to come over, jump up and settle down next to me. Just about the time I kicked back to relax, she would lay her head on my lap and give me that look. Oh, how good she was at letting me know what she wanted!

Inevitably, this would lull her into a calm, relaxed state of mind until I thought she had fallen asleep. I would stop pampering her, and pick up my book to start reading again. That’s when she began pushing her head towards my hand in an attempt to take my mind off my reading. So, I would indulge her for a bit longer in the hope that she would settle down so I could read my book. Eventually I came to the conclusion that I would either have to give her what she desired, or else she would get down and go find someone else to scratch those itchy ears.

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  1. Of course, one most important thing for all followers of Christ is to read the bible. The whole thing. It was Gods great mercy to leave us His book, His word to teach us what is proper doctrine. Its easy to point out good or bad teaching. Our itching ears will become stinging ears when teaching doesnt line up with scripture. - Good article Chuck!

  2. Thanks Johnathan, and you are so correct. The word of God is the revelation which He has given of himself. An ability to quote Scripture in the proper occasions, and especially in times of temptation and trial, have a wonderful tendency of cutting to pieces the snares of the adversary.

    When our Lord was tempted by Satan, He met the tempter with the Word of God, and evil one was foiled. So if we adhere to the simple declarations of the Bible, and oppose a temptation by a positive command of God, we will win the battle every time.

    Unfortunately many do not give the time needed to make reading the word second nature in their walk with Christ. Like a soldier who throws his sword down in the middle of a battle and begins using only his bear hands to fight the enemy, we too shall be easy prey for the evil ones minions like these men in my article, if we do not have the full armor of God on.

    Again, thanks for stopping by and reading my article. I look forward to any comments you may have.

    Take care my brother, and may God bless you and yours.