Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Ugly Result of Convincing Christians That Christ Was A Socialist

These numbers go to the heart of the reason I felt the need to write my article on Jesus not being a Socialist and why Christians need to learn the truth.

A recent survey of Protestants was released in early March of 2009. The CVS (
The Mainline Protestant Clergy Voices Survey) surveyed senior clergy from the seven largest mainline denominations:

United Methodist,
Evangelical Lutheran of America,
American Baptist USA,

Presbyterian USA,
Episcopal ,
United Church of Christ,
Christian (Disciples of Christ)

The survey found significant differences across the denominations on religious and political measures.
What follows is their findings on social and political issues. The results will stun you.

Percent of women in the clergy:
1989: 7%
2008: 20%

Agree that "gay couples should be allowed to marry legally":
Women clergy: 58%
Male clergy: 27%

Agree that "abortion should be legal in all or most cases":
Women clergy: 78%
Male clergy: 44%

Agree that "the federal government should do more to solve social problems such as unemployment, poverty, and poor housing":
Women clergy: 90%
Male clergy: 76%

Agree that "more environmental protection is needed, even if it raises prices or costs jobs":
Women clergy: 80%+
Male clergy: 66%

Agree that "support the government guaranteeing health insurance for all citizens, even if it means raising taxes":
Women clergy: 85%
Male clergy: 63%

Agree that "social welfare problems, like poverty, education and health care are the most important issues in the country that the church should address":
Women clergy: 50%
Male clergy: 34%

In regards to politics, identify with the Democratic Party:
Women clergy: 75%+
Male clergy: 50%

In regards to politics, identify with the Republican Party:
Women clergy: 11%
Male clergy: 40%

In regards to politics, self-identify as "liberal":
Women clergy: 74%
Male clergy: 42%

After the last election we were all stunned at the numbers of Christians who voted for Obama and the Socialist agenda the Democrats offered. Now we no why this happened. the concerted effort to convince Christians That Jesus was a socialist and would have supported their Socialist agenda. What follows is the final statistics of how the Religious and nonreligious voted for president. You will notice I listed the numbers starting with those which John McCain carried to Obama in a sliding graduation

xx% McCain, 23% Obama - White Evangelicals age 30-64

75% McCain, 25% Obama - White7,10 Born Again Evangelicals

73% McCain, 26% Obama - Evangelical/Born-again Protestant

xx% McCain, 32% Obama - White Evangelicals age 18-29

65% McCain, xx% Obama - Weekly church-attending Protestants

65% McCain, 34% Obama - White Protestants

65% McCain, 34% Obama - White Protestant/Other Christian

62% McCain, 35% Obama - State of Utah

59% McCain, 40% Obama - Working-class whites

57% McCain, 41% Obama - White men

55% McCain, 43% Obama - Weekly mass-attending Catholics

55% McCain, 43% Obama - "White voters"

55% McCain, 44% Obama - Non-evangelical Protestant

54% McCain, 44% Obama - Weekly church-goers

54% McCain, 45% Obama - Protestants

53% McCain, 46% Obama - White women

52% McCain, 47% Obama - White "regular-mass-attending" Catholics

52% McCain, 47% Obama - White Catholic

51% McCain, 47% Obama - White college graduates

xx% McCain, 47% Obama - White independent voters

51% McCain, 49% Obama - White Catholics

46% McCain, 52% Obama - Non-Evangelical Protestants

46% McCain, 53% Obama - Protestant/Other Christian

xx% McCain, 53% Obama - Monthly church-goers

44% McCain, 54% Obama - "Young whites"

45% McCain, 54% Obama - Catholics

45% McCain, 54% Obama - Catholic

xx% McCain, 59% Obama - Semi-annual church-goers

38% McCain, 61% Obama - Occasional churchgoers

37% McCain, 61% Obama - Non-weekly-mass-attending Catholics

28% McCain, 62% Obama - Other faiths

30% McCain, 67% Obama - Hispanics

xx% McCain, 67% Obama - Hispanic Catholics

xx% McCain, 67% Obama - Hispanic Protestants and other Christian

xx% McCain, 68% Obama - Don't attend church

22% McCain, 73% Obama - Other faiths

23% McCain, 75% Obama - Unaffiliated with any religion

23% McCain, 75% Obama - Unaffiliated

21% McCain, 78% Obama - American Jews and other faiths

21% McCain, 78% Obama - Jewish

xx% McCain, 94% Obama - Black Protestants

xx% McCain, 96% Obama - Blacks

Now you might understand the urgency with which we need to address the problem of truth about how Jesus believed and taught. If we cannot educate those who have faith on the truth, how can we expect to reach the unsaved with the truth?

I wish to thank Alex Murphy for the statistics.

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