Thursday, June 29, 2017

I Will Continue To Fight On

I wrote this psalm almost 11 years ago, when I was in a spiritual struggle with Satan. I won that battle, but only because I had the full armor of God on. So I wrote this as a thank you and a praise to my Lord and Savior who gave me the tools I needed to win.

Before I found Christ my soul was lost in sin
The evil one controlled it he had found a way in
The desires of my flesh commanded my soul
The evil one had turned it into an empty black hole
The fury of his arrows struck deep into my soul
He attacked my weaknesses an unguarded wall was his goal

The wiles of the devil are the ways I used to sin
He will bring up my past to find a way in
Sometimes his attacks are sudden and swift
Hoping to entice me with an evil little gift
There are also those times when he is patient and slow
When he is looking for a chance to sow a seed that will grow

Like darkness that overcomes me when I close my eyes
His evil way is dark and he is full of many lies
He uses old forgotten memories to make me desire
A life that was headed for destruction and fire
Using visions and desires to make me re-act
He wants me to be dizzy so I’ll stumble and fall back

Putting faith in my own strength ensures I’ll loose my soul
Instead I’ll trust another who has paid my bill in full
With help from the Holy One I will continue to fight on
Knowing that one day all temptation will be gone
For this constant battle I find myself in
It’s the full armor of God that ensures I will win

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