Friday, June 30, 2017

Thank God We Have A Fighter In The Oval Office! Go Trump, & Tweet, Tweet, Tweet, Away!

As we get ready to celebrate the 241st anniversary of our Independence from King George, it would be well to remember that our founding fathers were a lot like Donald Trump. Many were not politicians, most were hard working entrepreneurs who decided to do something about the over bearing control of King George.

Like Trump, they finally had enough and decided to fight back. Oh they didn't have Twitter, Nope. They fought back with blood, sweat, and tears. The left should be happy that Trump is not calling his followers to take the fight to the street, because I know I would. Instead he is fighting the fight through the only means he can. He uses Twitter to go around those who would destroy our freedom, and turn our country into a basket case like the European Union is. They would like nothing better than to bring back the days before the revolution when the elites ruled the day, and us peasants settled for the crumbs that fell from their plates.

So now the man who stopped them from completing their diabolic plan, has sent them all into a twitter, by tweeting something that shined the light truth upon one of their own. Even many on the right are aghast that he would tweet something truthful about a vixen at a low ranked cable show. Well excuse me. This daughter of a useless Socialist, who worked for Jimmy Carter, has spent the last eight Months viciously attacking the duly elected President of these United States. Her and her turncoat boyfriend have taken political commentary to a new low in the words they use to describe Trump, his family, and those of us who elected him.

Many who know me, know that I myself will say things that can often times inflame others. On both FreeRepublic and Facebook I have posted things from time to time that have upset both friends and relatives. Hell, some of the things I have written created such a furor my closest family members have unfriended and even blocked me on FB. I figure if anyone does not want to hear the truth, then don't read what I write.

I'm a fighter. As the youngest of eight children I grew up fighting for what I want. Seldom did I win, but it never stopped me from fighting though. I have learned over the years how to pick my fights, but as I get older I realize I have more to fight for than ever. I find myself fighting to defend myself from things that threaten me, my family, and my way of life. I would rather die fighting in the street against innumerable odds, than go down without a fight.

I'm also a Christian, and I know that I am to turn the other cheek. Well take from that what you will, because I am still a work in progress and I fail often. Believe me, I have lost count of the number of ears I have cut off in my reaction to attacks. My innate desire to preserve my way of life makes me fight back in any way I feel I am justified.

Martin Luther King said once in a sermon that, "Christians are schizophrenic, because one moment we will be singing Amazing Grace, the next we will be cussing out someone who cut in front of us on the road." Well, I guess this is my schizo moment then. God forgive me, but I refuse to tun my cheek for a bunch of pansy ass Socialists who just want to slap the other one while attacking the first President since Ronaldo Maximus, who has decided to defend my freedom.

I understand Donald Trump. Many who know me, know he was not my first choice. I was such a strong supporter of Ted Cruz, that I did all I could to help defeat Trump in the primary. I posted some pretty harsh things about him that are still making the rounds on fb. Well he won the primary, and I became a huge supporter of his. Today I am not just supportive of his, but I am honored to call him my President.

However, ever since the day he won, we have all watched as he, his family, and his supporters have constantly been attacked in the harshest of ways. Supporters have been hospitalized, murdered, and shut out of public discourse. The Leftist politicians, MSM, Hollywood, the Universities, and even the Public School system our children attend have all attacked us in vicious horrendous ways.

We even witnessed a crazy Socialist attempt mass murder of our duly elected Representatives because of the nasty, mean spirited lies being spewed about Donald Trump and the Republicans. Yet the very object of their hate is supposed to sit back and shut up as they destroy him.

I for one understand his desire to defend himself, and I defend his right to defend himself in any way imaginable. I thank God for Twitter everyday, because I know of many politicians in the past who could have saved their careers and the country if they had a tool like Twitter to get around the media.

We all watched as George W. Bush was constantly attacked with lies and innuendos for eight long years. Yet never once did I see him defend himself or us. I ask you, where did his refusal to fight back get him or the country? Well, we ended up with a Muslim queer from Nigeria, as our President, and a bunch of Communists in control of the country. Yes, these are not your daddy's Democrats of yesterday, the Democrats who won both houses of Congress are anti-American Communists.

Hell, not only did they win all three branches of government, Bush's refusal to fight back helped them win a super majority in Congress. Republicans couldn't stop anything the Democrats wanted to do for two years. They did what ever they wanted, and today we are still trying to get rid of the disastrous Obamacare. All because George W Bush allowed the nasty lies about him to stand without fighting back.

Well, Donald Trump is not going to let that happen, and I for one applaud him for his back bone in defending himself, his family, his policies, the country, and his supporters like us. I like having a leader who fights for me. I like having a real man of the people in the Oval Office, who will do all he can to defend our rights under the constitution. President Trump's detractors, from both sides of the isle, and anyone who has a problem with it, be damned. You can all kiss my grits!

In closing, I want you all to know that this is going to be the first time in a long time that I am going to be proud to wave my American flag as I BBQ my baby back ribs, and crack a few cold ones come Independence day.

God bless America. and GOD bless Donald Trump!

Can I get an AMEN

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