Thursday, April 13, 2017

Conservative Bloggers Are The True Inheritors Of The Fifth Estate

by Chuck Ness

To begin with, you probably noticed that I have started writing my own articles again. It's been a couple years, and while I have written things from time to time, I feel the time has come for me to step forward and consistently write as often as I can. I am asking for everyone to pray for me and help support me by checking out my blog from time to time.

I am going to be looking around for other Christian Conservative bloggers who write either about Christian topics, political topics, or both as I do to network with. So if you fit the bill, please contact me and we can help promote each others blogs, and articles. I believe it incumbent upon all conservatives to work together to help keep the dream of, “Making America Great Again”, alive and moving forward. We can do it, as long as we work together instead of against each other. Something I see happening too often on our side.

Which brings me to the problem facing most conservative writers today. I have noticed a bad pattern going on with conservatives on the various forums and social sites I have frequented. It seems that many would rather read articles and opinion papers that are posted in liberal news outlets, rather than spend the time to find what conservative writers have to say about situations effecting their lives. I'm here to tell you brothers and sisters, this makes it real difficult for independent conservatives to get recognized. For those who are good writers, once they get recognized they have a chance of actually making a living by getting paid for their their work. Or at least make enough to pay for upgrades on their computers.

When I was at the blood bank a few weeks ago, I forgot my iPhone. So In order to kill time I picked up a liberal magazine to read. As I flipped through it, I came across an article that described how a well known liberal web site was looking for writers. In the column, the author explained that almost 30% of liberal writers get paid for their work while less than 10% of conservatives writers make money off their work. I guess it was a way for her to feel better in the light of all the losses the left has taken in the last couple elections.

Now I'm not quite sure I believe those numbers, but let's say they are correct. As difficult as it is to get recognized or to even make money writing, I see way too many conservatives trashing up an coming writers rather than helping them out with constructive criticism or by helping them get exposure. Where as the leftists will do all they can to promote any idiot who can type the phrase, “Capitalism Sucks.” Don't believe me? Check out MSNBC.

How can we turn that around you may wonder. Well, what you can do is support Christian conservative writers and their blogs. When you visit a liberal web site for news, you help liberals make money by giving them traffic. Conservatives make money the same way, but way too many conservatives support leftist writers and companies by getting the scoop from liberal sites that only wish to destroy our way of life. Remember, when us conservatives go to liberal web sites, we are funding them and in turn their leftist causes.

Another truly disheartening aspect of being a conservative writer is when some conservatives actually complain that a conservative blogger is just trolling for traffic. Yet, the same guy who claims to be a conservative, will usually post links to articles on liberal websites.

I promise you this, if you go to my blog you will never be forced to watch some irritating video that pops up just so I can make a dime. There will also be no sexually explicit ads that tease you to go to another site to learn what the Kardashians or other Hollywood losers are doing. NO, just my columns, with some links to other conservative sites that share my beliefs and values.

Now I know that 99% of you dislike the politics of the MSM, which continually shoves their liberal slanted news into your face. So it seems that you would be thankful to find conservative writers that agree politically with you. Supporting conservative God fearing Christian writers should be all our goals. How else can we replace the anti-God anti-American leftist MSM writers who dominate the news?

It should be a goal of all conservatives, and especially Christians, to support writers who reflect their views and beliefs. Bloggers today, are the true inheritors of the Fifth Estate. As a fellow blogger, allow me to share with you what we go through to write one column. When we see a report that tickles our fancy, we will usually go to the earliest and closest source we can find to the original report or story. We could spend a few hours learning as much about the facts of the incident we can, and then we write our column from a point of view you agree with. Not changing any facts, just pointing out the relevance to our conservative world.

OH, and for those of you who think we just post what ever we feel like posting. I bet most bloggers are like me. I have more articles in my draft column that, I spent ours investigating and writing about that I eventually decided were not worthy of wasting your time over. Thus they languish and never got published.

I know that no one agrees 100% of the time, but wouldn't you rather go with someone you can agree 80% to 90% of the time with? With conservative writers, you can usually be assured that their column is not going to be written in a way that trashes your whole belief system.

Unlike the anti-God, anti-American leftist MSM, who claim to be unbiased, then report like they're the mouth piece of the socialist left, we admit that we are biased. So when you read what we write, you know it's going to be factual, and that it comes with our conservative opinion. We admit it.

As for me, I am a disciple of Christ who believes capitalism is the best economic system the world has ever known. I love my God, my country, and I will defend the constitution with every fiber of my being. I believe the constitution is as it was the day it was written. It is not alive, and while it has been abused, it's still one of the greatest documents ever written by man. It is this understanding that I approach everything I decide to write about.


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  2. Thank you brother Ness for your thoughts and insights. I ran across your blog while reading free republic where I am a lurker. While most posters there appear to be conservative judging from their comments, almost all of them post articles from MSM. I don't care for liars and the lying MSM and tire of reading their leftist articles. Blessings to you as you continue your work. Also your flag counter indicates a world wide interest. Good to see.

    1. I am honored by your praise. Thank much brother, and I look forward to your opinions on my columns. I appreciate all good and critical ones, since iron sharpens iron, and no man is an island in of ourselves. We all need feedback to keep us from being dissuaded and feeling no one cares. Critical responses keep us from getting prideful and arrogant. So thanks again William.