Sunday, April 30, 2017

Do Not Dishonor Your Parents -- Proverbs 30:17

Proverbs 30 is loaded with nuggets. One could write a whole book on the advice and wisdom packed in these 33 verses. Today I offer you Matthew Henry's take on verse 17. 
Those that despise to obey them, that think it a thing below them to be dutiful to their parents, especially to the mother, they scorn to be controlled by her; and thus she that bore them in sorrow in greater sorrow bears their manners.

What their doom will be. Those that dishonor their parents shall be set up as monuments of God’s vengeance; they shall be hanged in chains, as it were, for the birds of prey to pick out their eyes, those eyes with which they looked so scornfully on their good parents. The dead bodies of malefactors were not to hang all night, but before night the ravens would have picked out their eyes. If men do not punish undutiful children, God will, and will load those with the greatest infamy that conduct themselves haughtily towards their parents. Many who have come to an ignominious end have owned that the wicked courses that brought them to it began in a contempt of their parents’ authority.

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