Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Trump Opens Up Alaska and Atlantic Coastline For Drilling (Drill Baby Drill)

The Daily Caller is reporting that that the Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, has told industry representatives that Donald Trump is preparing an executive order that will open large swaths of the Arctic and Atlantic that have been off-limits to oil and gas drilling.

This is just another reason why getting involved in the Middle East is ridiculous. We do not need their oil, in fact their oil will be useless as our production drops the price so low they will again be living in tents. Saudi Kings will not be able to afford financing terrorists anymore, and the Middle East will again be of non consequence to the world.

Trump is going to eliminate the $20-Trillion-dollar National Debt before his eight years are up. This could very easily lead America to becoming the world's largest exporter of all kinds of energy, making us extremely wealthy.

In 2014 the The Perryman Group came out with a study about the economic benefits of oil and gas exploration and development activity are estimated to include almost $1.2 trillion in gross product each year, as well as more than 9.3 million permanent jobs in the United States.  By all measures, this activity represents nearly 7% of the US economy.

Sale of just half of the oil recently discovered in America (all new, previously undiscovered reserves totaling more than twice the oil in the Middle East) would generate over $50-Trillion dollars. That can be achieved in the next eight years, and I'm betting it will.

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