Thursday, April 6, 2017

Food For Thought On Syrian's Importance To The World

Future Oil Piplines
by Chuck Ness

More food for thought on the Syrian incident. Is it more about oil than we all realize? Just another angle to look at the situation and what the goal could truly be.

The Trump administration, which has had such a promising start, is about to be derailed by what could be a scam that is all about the oil and Islamic domination conducted by the Islamist “rebels”. So is Trump about to do the dirty work for the Syrian Islamists, the Qataris, the Erdogan Turks and the Saudis. I hate to believe that our current leadership is that gullible.

I truly worry that Trumps actions will lead to more stringent Islamic control in the area, not less. Should the wrong entity gain control of Syria, then Turkey's leader, Erdogan, will have conquered additional territory. Thus advancing his dream of a Greater Turkey Sultanate.

In turn this will help the Qataris government realize their dream of a pipeline to the Mediterranean Sea. Thus increasing their wealth which will enable them to increase the amount of money they use to finance terrorist groups.

One day an oil pipeline from the middle East to Western Europe will be built. The question is who will benefit? Russia, Iran, and Iraq or Turkey and Qatar, and the US. The map shows you the possibilities.

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