Monday, April 17, 2017

Leftis Democrat Supported By Hollywood & Soros's Millions

Jon Ossoff: The Truth Strikes Back

This is the leftist Democrat Jon Ossoff, who will make it to a runoff in the special election to fill Tom Price's 6th Congressional District seat in Ga. Why? Because it takes 50% or more to avoid a runoff, and with 6 Republicans splitting all the votes I guarantee you that no Republican can get enough of the 60% of registered Republican vote that lives in the District.

Tom Price was picked by Trump to be his Health and Human Services Secretary, and the Democrats are spending millions to win this seat. The he will get in the runoff will be maybe 39% when it comes down to him against the one Republican who survives the blood letting.

This seat has been a strong Republican district since the early "70"s, and was also Newt Gingrich's seat when he was the Speaker of the House in the "90"s.

A bit about this Democrat;

To begin with, he is a 30 years old Anthony Weiner type who looks like he is 12. He doesn't live in the District which should have eliminated him before he even filed, but when has that stopped the left. He is only in this race because of millions being spent by Hollywood and George Soros.

Like Weiner, Osoff comes off like a sleazy, smarmy leftist who supports LGBT rights, is pro Obamacare, supports open borders, and even though he claims to be pro military he is anti-military, and ani-tax relief for both citizens abd corporations.

A perfect pick for the Democrats, because he truly belongs in the company of failed felons, criminals, bigots, and other America haters like, Obama, Clinton, Schumer, Pelosi, Rice, Jarrett, Lerner, Warren, Sanders, and "all" the other nutcases on the left who make up the modern dat democrat party.

So yes, he will win enough votes to be in the runoff against either Karen Handel or Bob Gray who are both running at about 16% as i write this. However, he will lose handily in a landslide to whomever wins amongst the 6 Republicans in the race.

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