Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What Are You Addicted To?

by Chuck Ness
Every human has been hot wired with a special faith component to our souls, even agnostics and atheists have faith in what they believe. Another way to explain this would be to say we have all been created with an addiction gene. It's that ever yearning desire to find something that will make us feel like we belong, or comfortable in our own skin if you will.

From the moment we become conscious of our self, we begin searching for that One Thing our soul craves. For each of us it could be a different point in life. Some find it when they are 10, some at 14, and yet others may take years before they find it, even into their 90s or on their deathbed. Sadly, most humans never find it until it's much, much too late. However, each and everyone of us are in search of it, even though we don't realize it.

This search could take us on journeys far from home and away from loved ones, or it could consist of a life long search in the little town we were born and never leave from. As we search we will go through trials and tribulations from thinking we found it just to realize, that for which we search for has yet to be found. So we try to fill that empty cold spot with things like drugs, alcohol, sex, eating, television, work, money, shopping, and sports. We will go from one addiction to another, never feeling as fulfilled or satisfied as we were created to feel.

Until we find the One True God of the Universe, our Creator, our Father, we will not stop searching. That's because God wanted us to be addicted to Him. Sadly, the vast majority of humans will spend their life addicted to the wrong things as they search for the satisfaction their soul craves. Only when we ignore what the world has to offer, will we find what we are looking for. Then we will meet Jesus and forever be free of the addictions the world has to offer, because He is that, which our soul has been searching for.

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