Saturday, April 8, 2017

So Who Will Take Assad's Place In Syria?

Donald Trump Destroys Bashar Hafez al-Assad's AirBase

by Chuck Ness

In my opinion, removing Assad will lead to a vacuum at the most dangerous geographical place it could happen. A move that could very bring us even closer WWIII.

I am not trying to justify a belief that that Assad is a good guy. If I knew we could replace him with a decent leader, I would support Assad's removal 100%. However, understand this, America does not know how to win wars anymore. Need proof? The last war we won was WWII. Back when we understood that innocent people will die in large numbers an, and you don't stop killing the enemy until they are so beaten down they have no fight left in them.

Now, as for taking out Assad, consider what happened every time we took out a leader in the Middle East that we thought needed to be replaced because he was so evil.

In 1979 we forced the Shaw of Iran out. Since then Iran has been an extremist Islamic state that sponsors terrorism the world over. We took out Saddam, and then elected Obama who took the troops out. leaving it open to anarchy. Then we took out Egypt's leader and then Kadafi. Egyptians were smart enough to put things back in order before too much damage was done. No thanks to us. However, Libya is now an Islamic state. so what's next? So far the results were worse.

Also, each one of those evil leaders treated the Christians in their country decently. After they were taken out, the Christians all suffered genocide.

Just look at those left standing in Syria's Civil War fight. If we go in to end the fighting and prop up a leader, in 4 to 8 years the next POTUS will pull out our troops and the same thing that happened in Iraq will happen in Syria. You know I'm right.

Eventually Iran could very well end up as the big influence as they are ow in Iraq. If not Iran, then it will be either Saudi Arabia, or worse yet Turkey.

Eventually the Russians will again be trying to get their fingers in the works. It could drive them to make further 'more' nice with Turkey (even though, in the deepest recesses of their minds, the Russians are dying for a chance to take Istanbul Constantinople). It's a volatile situation all around.

He that chooses to live by gunboat diplomacy can die a hundred different ways. In the long run Assad's own people can be made to pay the price. Why? Because who ever replaces Assad will not want to force everyone to get along. They will just eliminate everyone they dislike, as we seen in Iran, Iraq, and Libya. Like it or not, the reason those is power were allowed to be in power is because outside world powers after WWII knew that only a dictator could control an out of control people who worshiped Islam.

Now whoever assumes power in Syria, the US will want the approval of both Israel and Saudi Arabia. I'm not the first one to take notice of that seemingly odd paring.

Think about it, Israel is not such an innocent player in the power brokers of the Middle East. There are many players in the Middle East. Many of you just don't understand, nor care to learn, what will make the whole situation sticky if Assad is taken out.

Now as for Israel, I understand they have no choice if they want to survive. So I do not blame Israel, but they are not always right. Even they get leaders from time to time who do stupid things, and Netanyahu will not be their Prime Minister forever.

Also, lest we forget, the Iranians are anything but stupid. They may be a bit crazy, but they can read the tea leaves, as good or better than anyone in the Middle East. They want to control Syria because of the access they would have to the Mediterranean Sea. For almost all Middle Eastern nations oil is a huge factor, and having access to the Mediterranean is huge. It also leads to more advancement of Islamic terrorism, which they will use to advance their desire for Islamic World Domination. Syria is so strategic, WW III could begin just from the desire of so many to gain control of it geographically.

Then there is the Kurds in the region, who themselves would like to have a piece of Syria, Northern Iraq, Iran, and they have had an eye on a piece of Turkey for over a half a century. The Turks know of the Kurds desires, and that is why Erdogan would screw over his own mother with a splintery broomstick just to keep that from happening.

I don't expect the Kurd's to ever get a part of Iran without becoming an Iranian puppet. Even then they would be granted limited administration over present day slivers of far-Northwestern Iran, that is if the Iranians gave Kurds anything. Yet there they are right in the middle of everything. They mist be considered.

Thank God I'm not a Kurd, or a Christian in that God forsaken land of oil and sand. I'm sure I couldn't figure it all out, other than laying low, or fighting whatever was in front of of my nose, by turns. But who the hell could? It's a mass of confusion, deceit. For some it's a bloody war with enemy on all sides. When your in hell you just keep fighting to survive.

Maybe this will help you to understand why In 1916, France and England divided up the Middle East the way they did at the end of WWI, when Germany and it's ally the Ottoman Empire were defeated. They set up strong dictatorial leaders who could keep all the factions under control, and it worked for almost 100 years.

So please, who ever cares enough to read this long rant, please tell me, who you would replace Assad with?

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