Sunday, April 30, 2017

Reporter Says The OK Sign Is Now, "A White Supremacist Racist Sign"

For the vast number of Americans, we believe that the MSM died a long time ago. Today all that is left is a Communist propaganda machine that is a mouth piece of the Democrat Party. The MSM is so pissed that their Messiah Hillary Clinton got her butt kicked, that they have to make up reasons to excuse their hate for the right.

Today their evidence that the conservatives are racists is the picture below of  conservative journalists, Cassandra Fairbanks and Mike Cernovich giving the OK sig while at the White House. To the MSM, this is now an alt-right, white supremacist hand sign. Below is an excerpt from an article in the Independant.
Two conservative journalists have sparked outcry on social media by making what some have interpreted as a white supremacist hand symbol at a recent visit to the White House

Freelance journalist Mike Cernovich and Cassandra Fairbanks, a reporter for Russian news outlet Sputnik, posed for a picture behind the podium in the White House briefing room. In the photo, they are making a hand sign that can be used to signify “white power.”

“Just two people doing a white power hand gesture in the White House,” Fusion senior reporter Emma Roller tweeted, alongside a screenshot of the picture.
As their proof that it is a racist sign instead of the OK sign they offer this;
The resurgence of the symbol may be traced back to a popular alt-right meme, known as “smug Pepe,” which began circulating on alt-right, pro-Trump message boards in 2015. Mr Trump often uses the symbol when speaking, explaining its significance with the president’s supporters.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) characterises the symbol as a “racist hand sign.
Which means that Obama, Bill Clinton, Eddie Murphy, Justin Bieber, the Beatles, Opra, and even Mork are all white supremacists. We can also add to the tally, tens of thousands of scuba divers from all races around the world, because they use the OK sign. Every scuba diver learns this sign every year when they take a scuba diving class. If someone gives you this sign underwater, they are asking if you are OK. If you are, you give this sign back to them.

And I thought the MSM jumped the shark years ago. WOW! Talk about ignorance.


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