Thursday, April 6, 2017

Is Assad Guilty Of Using Chemical Weapons On His Own People? Maybe Not

by Chuck Ness

I am of the belief that the chemical attacks on the citizens of n Syria are not being perpetrated by either President Assad, nor the Russians. A huge claim that I must back up with evidence or at least present enough to give credence to my belief.

Before I take on the situation as it stands between those directly involved in Syria's civil war, I'll state unequivocally that the biggest winner in this chemical attack is the leftist NWO supporters. If it can be proved that Assad and Putin are guilty, it leaves the door open for the NWO types to push for outside interference in Syria's war. Like Iraq, the neocons will again push for the United States to be the force that removes Assad from power and thus creating a situation that will keep Trump from accomplishing anything. While the left and their mouth piece, the MSM, will treat Trump as just another war mongering Republican President. If Trump refuses to get involved, then they will just attack him for being in bed with Putin.

So while the NWO will win if the lie carries the day, allow me to share my opinion as to who between Assad, the rebels, and ISIS benefits the most by using Chemical weapons. First we must admit that their is no upside to the rebels using chemical weapons on their own family and friends. They truly want a change in who rules their country. With the rebel fighters eliminated from benefiting, we now must concentrate on Assad and ISIS.

Since late 2016, it has been pretty evident that Al' Assad has been winning the Civil War in Syria. ISIS fighters are in marathon-like retreat across the eastern countryside of Aleppo and other areas of the country. This leaves the rebel fighters as the only opposition to Assad, and the territories held by them are falling like dominoes to Assad's superior Russian backed fighters.

At the rate of the fighting today, it's expected that the rebels in Aleppo will soon shoot the last bullet in their attempt to take down Assad. As for Damascus, Isaiah's prophecy is being fulfilled as I write this. Truth be told, there isn't much left of the ancient city but dirt to fight over anyway. 

What with Obama's army, ISIS, on the run and the rebels making their last Alamo type stand in Aleppo and Damascus, it makes no logical sense for Assad to now begin using chemical warfare against his own people. All this act does is give the world a reason to convince Donald Trump to break his campaign promise of not getting into any more wars. Why would Al'Assad allow victory to be snatched from his hand by gassing his own people? Nope. It makes no sense.

Back in July of 2014, we learned that GW was right about Saddam having weapons of mass destruction, That is when hundreds of the MSM news outlets reported that ISIS grabbed 2,500 rockets containing chemical weapons from a compound in Iraq that Obama left for them to take after he pulled out all US forces. What do you think ISIS did with those rockets? Yea, me to.

The last major report by U.N. inspectors on the status of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction program was released back in March 2003. It stated that Bunker 13 contained 2,500 sarin-filled 122-mm chemical rockets produced and filled before 1991, and about 180 tons of sodium cyanide, 'a very toxic chemical and a precursor for the warfare agent tabun.

We also know that a Month ago, on March 3, 2017, the Red Cross reported that civilians escaping the fighting in Mosul have been exposed to chemical agents. This isn't the first time ISIS has used chemicals of mass destruction on those who refuse to bow to their rule. It has been reported time and time again that whenever ISIS is pushed out of an area, they use chemical warfare on the civilians as they leave.

Then there are thee credible reports of 250 people from Majdal and Khattab that were kidnapped by Al-Qaeda terrorists working with ISIS last week. Local sources have claimed that many of those dead from the chemical weapons were those kidnapped from Majdal and Khattab. This would suggest that on the eve of upcoming peace negotiations, terrorist forces have once again created a false flag scenario. This bares resemblance to the Ghouta chemical weapons attack in 2013 where the Syrian Army was accused of using the weapons of mass destruction on the day that United Nations Weapon’s Inspectors arrived in Damascus.An attack that the UN later admitted was perpetrated by ISIS, not Assad.

Now we learn from tweets, that Orient TV had already prepared a “media campaign” to cover the Russian and Syrian airstrikes in Hama countryside that accused them of using chemical weapons on innocent civilians. However, the announcement of covering the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government came out before the attack ever happened/ OOPS!, Hours before the attack ever took place, the accusations already began flooding twitter.

Everyone knows by now that the MO of ISIS is to use any means possible to kill anyone who opposes their rule. Killing innocent people in the most painful and evil way is the way they operate. All this to say that, of those involved in the fighting, ISIS benefits the most from using chemical weapons on innocent people. It's how they keep non combatants in fear of them which helps them gain control over their lives.

As for the tweets I mentioned, looks like someone forgot to tell him that it would not occur for a few more hours before he sent out the tweet. Here are two different individuals remarking on this. All this leaves in doubt the accusation that Assad gassed his own people. While proving ISIS is most likely the ones who perpetrated the attack.

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